Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Those Brits Get to Have ALL the Fun

Many people are so sick of all the coverage that royal wedding is getting lately. Not me, I love it and I'm so jealous of Britain's ability to look forward to, celebrate, and be proud of something of this magnitude. It makes me quite depressed but I still wish Prince William and Kate Winslet the best in their future endeavors. Why don't we have anything like this in the States? We need something as regal and elegant as a royal family. I don't know about the rest of you but democracy has been overrated lately. I think it would be best to start a monarchy of our own. Maybe we should use to see what American family has the most royal blood running through their veins and give them control of the country. I think having an American royal family would do a whole lot of good for our self image and the way the rest of the world views us.

Also, why in the world is the wedding airing at 3:00 in the morning here!? I can't wake up that early if I tried! Come on! Guess I'll have to tape it.

Long Live the Queen!

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