Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trash Talk with Donnie: 1963 Cushman Golfster

Hello web world wide, my name is Donnie. Floyd and Norm asked me to post about some of my interesting trash stories. Ever since I got let go at the railroad I’ve been making it by selling or scrapping anything I can get my hands on. Money can be made from almost anything if you put your mind to it. I’ll start out with my first big item. A 1963 Cushman Golfster.

One day while scrounging the local dump for stuff, I saw this interesting looking 3 wheeled golfcart over behind the garbage truck shop. Walter, the afternoon fella, told me he had been planning to fix it up and couldn’t let go of it. $50 in cash changed his mind about that. It was complete, with a non-running gas motor, and even had the rare top and windshield option. Intending on restoring it myself, I disassembled it down to the frame and engine, but never could get it to fire.
At the time my main mode of transportation was a 1968 Chevelle that I’ll post about later, and it started having carburetor issues. Needing money to get my car back on the road I decided to sell the golfcart on ebay. It sold for $675 even though it was in pieces and looked like this:

Picked: $50
Sold: $675
Profit: about $610 after dang ebay fees


  1. Only you could get so lucky. It never ceases to amaze me how you make an actual living off of selling garbage. Another man's trash is Donnie's treasure.

  2. Donnie, you fool. How much could you sell me for piece parts?