Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sketches with Floyd: Have You Seen Her? Tell Me, Have You Seen Her?

I took a short trip to Coney Island this past weekend. While I was sitting on a bench enjoying a Nathan's Famous hotdog, an absolute goddess jogged up to the railing in front of me and stopped to stretch. I almost choked on the hotdog, I was speechless. I even got up, walked up to her but couldn't get words to come out of my mouth. She laughed slightly, smiled, then jogged away and out of my life. My question is, have you seen this woman? My sketch of her can be seen above. She had big beautiful green eyes, dirty blonde hair, a beauty mark on the left side of her chin, pony tail, hoop earrings, and an amazing light blue sports bra. When I lost sight of her, she was jogging east on Surf Avenue towards Sea Breeze Avenue.

Help please. My heart hasn't beaten so hard since I met my ex-wife. If you have any information please comment. Thanks!!!!


  1. I'd tap that.

    Oh I see her hand reaching out to me
    Only she can set me free
    Have you seen her, tell me have you seen her?

  2. Floyd you crazy guy!! I keep saying I need to come visit you in the NYC. You get so many hot women there. Save some for me!

  3. I saw her....on duelboard.....with a yellow stripe by her name. Too bad you can't get in to see her. Can I give her a message for you?

  4. WOAH! That's me, Floyd! Except for the boobs maybe. And the hair. And the beauty spot. And I've never been to Coney Island. But other than that, totally me!