Friday, April 8, 2011

The Beginnings of Norm

Gooooooood Morning Internet!! Today is the first post to the rest of my life and it goes out to the world, but mostly my friends at Duelboard. If you're ever there look us up. We play Rook so much and chat it up in the chatroom.

This blog is for all those people who said I would never make anything of my life. Look out world, I'm going live on the internet and becoming somebody. In highschool I was never voted anything but this should change their minds.

I began working at my grandfathers company when I graduated. There they started me out as a Floor Helper Hand and after 11 years I worked my way up to Floor Sub-Manager. That's when the accident happened. My grandfather passed away on us and I, Norm Hayess, took sole responsibility of his company. Lucky for me they told me not to show up to the office and that they would send me a check every month to live on. I was ok with that. It freeded up enough time for me explore and get to know who I really am. It feels like a dream come true and I am loving life.

I am at my prime age in 2011 and enjoying the pleasures that go along with it. That's right all you women who take second glances at me. I was once married a few times but they kept trying to hold me down and I needed to be free and do what I do best. Sometimes I have the kids that stay at my house but don't let that worry you. They leave after the weekend and that's usually once a month.

I love where I live and would trade nothing for it or the great USA. My friends Floyd and Donnie have been with me since high school even though we live miles and miles and miles apart. They know me best and never let me down.

If anyone wants to know more just ask and I will tell almost anything. I try to live by my motto, keep on keeping on without secrets. My mom used to tell me, secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone.

Love you guys!





  2. Glad to have found your blog site.

  3. I'm in TN what state are you bloggers and site contributors located?