Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog Commenting with Norm and Floyd

Once again our friend at Kee Creative has moderated our comments on her blog. So that our dedicated readers won't miss anything we will continue to post our comments that are being moderated. Boo comment moderating.

Norm wrote, "Thanks for posting pictures of your home. We'd love to see more."

Floyd wrote, "Once again you need to remove the boulder from your own eye before you remove a speck of dust from another's. How many times do we have to go over this?! You really don't know the details of why these houses look the way they do AND you don't need to judge if something looks tacky based on your own pre-conceived notions (which are most likely also tacky). This house could have easily belonged to a poor old man that died and his family had to sell the home in order to pay for the funeral and they didn't have time to clear it out. Look what you did now, you just made fun of a poor dead old man and his grieving family. Happy? Also, what the heck is wrong with having a bike in your home? What if they lived in a bad neighborhood and didn't want anyone to steal it? INSANE. Strike three, you're OUT!"

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Commenting with Norm and Floyd

It has come to our immediate attention that a fellow blogger has recently turned on comment moderation to her blog. Since adding comment moderation we have noticed that our comments are going unnoticed. This hurts our feelings deeply because we are her only true faithful followers of her blog. As a result of this we have decided to take immediate action so that others may comment freely on her blog, like in the good ole days. Floyd and I have decided to post our unpublished comments here.

The blog is:

Norm's Comment:
What do you mean you "hit up...garage sales...and thrift stores"? Did you steal items from these people? Or did you literally hit these places and people as you were walking in and around the store? I suppose a "point of desperation" calls for extreme measures.

Did you pay the mexican a cheap labor fee to come make authentic fiesta decorations? That's the only way I'd be unworried that "they're looking good".

Floyd's Comment:
Good morning Mrs. Kee. First of all, I have to say that those bedside tables are bland and uninspired. Secondly, you always make fun of other people for being "tacky" in your opinion yet you bought AND displayed the tackiest elephant figurines I've ever seen. You could easily find those in any old ladies room in a nursing home. Good choice.

Also, you do realize there are child labor laws that prohibit using your young son to do all of your yard work in this terrible summer heat while you stand around and take pictures of him like he is some lowly slave hand. Peace out.

We want nothing we do to go unnoticed.

Also, anyone else who's comments are "moderated" feel free to post them here along with the link of the blog post you commented on.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend with Norm

Oh how I love a weekend, but more so a long weekend due to our fine government giving us reasons to celebrate. Not that I need a weekend for a break from work but my friends are off and able to enjoy some freedom with me. This weekend of Memorial we decided to take a road trip on our bikes. Friday we took off to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Once there we parked our butts in the White Mountain National Forest. What better way to spend my Memorial Day weekend than near the Presidental Range.

Friday afternoon we made it to Crawford Notch State park where we stayed for three amazing nights. It was our home base for the trip. Each day we would go ride our bikes and return to our base camp for food and beverage. It was a great central location for us to refuel and rest. The campground was packed since it was a nice weekend. Our neighbors at the campground were different and were from Indiana. They sat in their tents most of the time we were there. Not very friendly but that girl sure did have a set of legs on her.

Saturday Rick, Johnny, and I took out our road bikes and took off down Highway 16. We got dropped off by some backwoods homie from Conway. He met him at the local gocery and offered to take us to Gorham since he had some business to tend to. We threw our bikes in the back and piled into his single cab. Since there wasn't enough room we made that fool Rick ride in the back. He wasn't happy about it and complained about his hair getting messed up. What a woman! Didn't take us to long to get to Gorham. I ate two Cliff bars and we set off on the road. The ride back to our car was about 25 miles and we covered that in 5 hours. Johnny was so slooow!! Didn't think we'd make it back to camp before dark. That fool stopped to pee about 8 times from what I could tell. No idea what his problem was.

Saturday night we ate a healthy campfire meal. Johnny brought some sausage from a hog he killed down south and we wrapped some bacon around the pieces. Talk about delicious. Rick's girlfriend sent him with some rice crispy treats and brownies and those were pretty much gone our first night. Luckily Rick also brought some Buds. Those kept Johnny sane half the night.

Sunday our plans of riding Highway 302 changed due to traffic and our lack of sleep. That's when we found some killing off road trails at the Cherry Mountain area. I totally showed those guys how to kill it when not on pavement. Rick busted it about 4 times and Johnny was too slow to try anything hard. He walked more than he rode it seemed like. Talk about being a woman rider. We didn't spend all day on our mountain bikes. Instead we headed back to base camp and took a snoozer. Our Indiana neighbors weren't there so I took a few logs of their wood so we'd have some for the night.

Sunday night we drove into Littleton because a good looking girl told Johnny about a pizza joint and bar in the area. That fool will listen to anything that has long hair and shaved legs. In Littleton we found a pizza place but no bar. The food was out of this world. Since there wasn't much going on in Littleton we took off back to base camp. Drank the last of our Buds and sacked out for the night. The Indiana neighbors never noticed the missing firewood! Rick and Johnny shared a tent. Hope those fools didn't have snuggle time. LOL.

Saturday in Conway Rick found this bear to take a picture of.

Johnny and his crappy off road bike. What an idiot.

The neighbors who never left their tent. Odd people from Indiana.

The only pizza place we could find in Littleton. Johnny is an idiot.

Getting tired of that fool Rick always wanting his picture in front of state line signs. Hey Rick, we all know you didn't ride that far.


Check these bad boys out. Double. Decker. Oreos. Best of both worlds. Chocolate AND vanilla. Ebony and Ivory will live together in perfect harmony in my stomach. I was so excited when I first heard this news that I honestly almost threw up.

I haven't tried these yet but I have been looking for them on my bi-weekly trip to the store. No luck yet but stay tuned because once I find these there will immediately be an in-depth review on here. Maybe I'll dunk them in both white and chocolate milks. It will be like the Duality of man.

Some of the articles I've read about these say that they will contribute to the obesity epidemic in America blah blah blah. Well I for one don't listen to communists. What makes America so great is that we are free to stuff our faces with whatever we please. If I die a year or two sooner since I was able to indulge in such great treats as Triple Double Oreos then that's okay because I died a free, happy, American.