Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poker Night with Norm

Last night me and some of the local guys had our monthly poker night. A lot of people showed up. More than last month, that's for sure. Danny said he knew some younger college boys that loved poker and weren't very good. He invited them over in hopes we could cash in their bad play. Our plan was to take advantage of these boys and swipe all their cash.

The night started out slow. There were only 5 of us playing and then Danny showed up with those college kids he promised. There were about 10 of them. That made us 15 strong on poker players. The buy in was $45 and we played a little Texas Hold'em all night long. Since we weren't expecting such a large crowd we had to use local items as poker chips. A few of my Hershey kisses got eaten in stressful game plays. Hell, if I would have noticed I wouldn't have lost myself $8.

Around 10:30 a few of the college guy's friends that were girls showed up. That's a first for our poker night. My thoughts were "cha-ching", we'll mop floor with these girls who know nothing about poker. Boy was I fooled. They raked in so many chips in their first hour. I couldn't take it anymore because I had already bought in 3 times by 11:00. My funds were running dry so I called it quits.

When 11:30 rolled around the girls left and I bought in again for the 4th time that night. Danny wiped floor with me and I only lasted till 12:15. Overall the poker night was a lot of fun and I can't wait till next month. I'm going to win my $180 back in no time.

Jerry in the front left was getting wiped by that college kid next to him. That dummy knows nothing about poker. HAHA.

This was the second table for the night. The fools that don't know how to play get to play at the small coffee table.

Poker girls. It was so hard to get their picture.

Danny had some nice cards. The fool wiped floor with us.

Big dummy, James, broke his ankle last week trying to rollerblade. That fool will never learn. Also, he lost $80 to one of Danny's college kids.

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  1. Man I wish I lived closer so I could play poker with y'all like old times. But these pictures make me feel like I was really there. Thanks for posting them. Haha that picture of Jerry is priceless! What an idiot! Sure is a fun person to gamble against though!!