Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some of our rook friends on Duelboard (where the champions play) have invited Norm and I to a tournament in MYRTLE BEACH!!! Myrtle Beach was just recently voted the best beach in America in a national poll. I haven't been to a real beach since I was in my early twenties so this is going to be great! But don't worry, yours truly will be there mainly to play and take names. Friends or not, the other rook players are going down! The tournament will be from May 5th - 8th at Longbay Resort. Look at this place! Just Look at it! Looks like paradise on earth to me.

I don't know about you, Norm but I am also so excited to finally meeting many of our duelboard friends in real life. I've booked our awesome pool-view room and now all I need to do is buy my plane ticket. We need to figure out some code like a sock on the door knob to know when not to disturb, if you know what I mean! Rook friends, be on the lookout because Norm and Floyd will be there in person and we'll be there to win!


  1. Nice choice on the room, Floyd. Hope it's near an elevator so we can pick up foot traffic. Also, I plan on wiping floor with these people with my mad Rook skillz.