Monday, April 2, 2012

Floyd's Mini-Horse Emporium for Children

GOOOOD MOOOORNING VIETNAAAM!!! I'm so excited this morning. I just got finished with the blueprints for my Mini-Horse Emporium. I'm still perfecting the plans and adding details so please feel free to comment with your suggestions. This is going to be the single greatest achievement I've achieved in my life so far. The blueprints are attached so please click on the picture for a bigger version so you can see it better. So far, I have built the fence around the mini horse houses, put gravel in the parking lot, and started digging out the swimming pond. My next big project I'm starting on is the Living Merry Go Round. I plan to put in old fashioned merry go round music and have the minis be connected to a center post they will walk around. The kids are going to eat it up!

In other news, my brand new babies (mini-horses), Snap, Crackle, and Pop are adjusting quite well to life at Chateau Floyd. My sis says I'm spoiling them but I think they deserve it. Crackle even weaseled his way into the kitchen the other day while I was making supper. Its so funny how they want to eat whatever I'm eating!