Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Duelboard with Norm

Recently my favorite new favorite place in the world, Duelboard Rook, decided it was best that I not show up for a while. They gave me a temporary break from chatting with my new friends and family in the Rook Chatbox. It wasn't a neccesary break on my part but it did do me good. I was able to find myself and do things I haven't had time for since Duelboard was occupying my daily free time. My buddy Rick and I went camping in Vermont. I also was able to trim some limbs in the yard, paint some columns on the porch, take the bags of plastic bottles to the recycling center, and clean out the dog pen. These were benificial things to me that I have been meaning to get to.

It is a very rewarding feeling to know that I am finally allowed back into the Duelboard Rook game. I can catch up with my friends and discover new things going on in their lives. Not all are so welcoming but I know deep down they really did miss me. I missed them and their funny sayings.

I love you Duelboard!!


  1. Its good to be back amongst friends buddy.

    It looks like the best time for me to go to Amsterdam is the second week of July. I was thinking about making the trip from the 5th-11th. Does that work okay for you? Should we ask Donnie to tag along? I bet he would love Amsterdam.

  2. Hey Floyd, Amersterdam it is on the first week of July. We are going to take the Dutch by storm and they will never be the same.