Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Long Road Home with Floyd

Goood Mooooooorning Vietnaaaaaaam! Its good to see you blogger friends! I apologize for being away from you for so long. Its been a very busy week. Since the arrest, my mom has been making me do all kinds of chores and errands for her. Not fun at all! The worst part was being away from my blogger friends and duelboard friends for so long.

Where to begin......lets see....... Well after we were FINALLY released from jail on a Thursday morning, Norm and I had to figure out how to get home. We had our tickets revoked or whatever so the only choices were to take a train or rent a car. Renting a car was obviously the right choice because we figured we could have ourselves some fun on the way home. We picked up a nice little Nissan Sentra and we were on our way.

We didn't last long before our stomach's began to call to us. We decided to go ahead and stop in Wilmington for an early afternoon snack at Casey's Country Buffet. Let me tell you, this place was off the chain. Good barbecue and everything else you can think of. Norm even tried the pig's feet! What an idiot! I wouldn't do it though. After loosening our belts a little and dropping some kids off at the pool we proceeded on our journey. Norm wanted to drive and dang that boy can boogie. He got that little compact car up to 100 on I-95 and I thought the wheels were going to fall off. I fell asleep at that point and when I woke up it was dark and we were in Richmond VA and then I saw one of my favorite sites. Thats right, the glowing red apple of the Applebees sign. We were both still full from our afternoon snack but we couldn't pass this up. Norm had the sizzling bacon chicken cheese platter and I had the ultimate appetizer combo. We ate it all and it was absolutely heavenly and our beautiful waitress Heather never let our margaritas go empty.

We were feeling good by the time we finally left Applebee's but it was starting to get late. I barely managed to drive us to DC in one piece. I kept falling asleep at the wheel. It was hard to decide which motel to stay at but Norm helped me out and we are able to stay at a very nice Holiday Inn Express. After unloading our bags we decided that this party should keep going so we asked the nice concierge where the nicest gentleman's club was. She seemed uncomfortable but googled it anyway and before you know it we were putting our sports coats on and making our way to The Stadium Club.

The Stadium Club way by far the nicest gentlemen's club I've ever been to. I wish Donnie could've been there, he would've loved it. The girls were absolutely beautiful. We sat down, ordered a few drinks and were soon surrounded by so many goddesses that I almost passed out. We were pouring champagne and dancing like there was no tomorrow and...thats the last thing I really remember. The rest was a blur. I must have gotten too caught up in it all. Norm said that we got kicked out shortly after that because I kept trying to kiss and hold a girl named Cassidy (who WAS very hott). He said that the straw that broke the camel's back was when I tried to take a picture of her.

I woke up the next morning with the worst hangover EVER but that crazy Norm had already gone for a morning run. I don't see how he does it. We packed our stuff into the Sentra and continued on our quest. Friday morning we stopped at a hole in the wall diner in Baltimore to eat breakfast. That jerk  Norm double dared me to order scrapple. Not knowing what it is, I did. I thought it was okay until he told me. Its apparently pig in a blender that they put into loaf form and fry. He was laughing so hard that I wanted to knock his block off. After that we went on to Philly and we stopped at Tony Luke's to get Philly Cheesesteaks for lunch and went to see the Liberty Bell because I'd never seen it before. Norm was right, what a let down. Its just a bell with a crack in it. Honestly, I don't know what I was expecting. The cheesesteaks are great but i don't really see what the big deal is with Philly.

Anyways, after that we just drove into NYC and then to my mom's house on Long Island. Since we were so tired, I invited Norm to stay the night which he gladly accepted. That night we had a blast in NYC but I'll save that for another blog post. See below for pictures of our awesome trip!

 Here is the pimp-mobile. Norm seemed embarrassed to be seen in it but I thought it was nice.

 The sign for the delicious Casey's Buffet in Wilmington. I made some crack about Norm's mom having the same "More Parking In Rear" sign. He didn't find it funny. LOL.

 Heather, the best dang Applebee's waitress EVER. This beauty gave Norm and me a free drink! Norm got her number but that son of a gun lost it!

 The jerk of a bouncer wouldn't let us leave the Gentleman's club until we deleted all pictures that we took there off our camera. The angel of a dancer, Cassidy looked a lot like a slightly uglier Catherine Zeta Jones.

 My faithful friend Norm took hold of the opportunity to snap a shot of me after I left the club. Thanks a lot buddy!

I had such a great time on our trip but I was so happy to see this sign to know I was home. I think I made Norm mad when I stopped the car to kiss the ground because he was too grumpy to take a picture of me doing it. ROFL.


  1. Thanks for the memories, Floyd. That Sentra was a piece of junk. Bet Donnie could make $50,000 off of it though. Totally forgot about the picture of you busting your butt leaving the club. HAHAHA!! What an idiot. Also, New York is an empire of garbage.

  2. Sounds like you fools had a lot of fun! I always rent the moving trucks when I'm out of town - U-Haul, Penske, Ryder, Budget, Hertz, etc. You get a lot better deal plus you've got all that room for crap. Also, you could carry all kinds of hot girls back there!

  3. I keep coming to our blog just to look at this picture of Catherine Zeta Jones. Shes so pretty.