Monday, May 16, 2011

Trash Talk with Donnie: 1992 Nissan D21

Here is one of my beloved vehicles – a 1992 Nissan Pickup (formal name is D21) 4x4. It’s got right at 223,000 miles. Almost a quarter of a million and she runs like a top! Anyway, last winter I picked up this little gem for $300, trailered it home, and after a few hundred bucks in parts it was back on the road. Later in the year I had lower ball joints installed and an alignment, bringing the total invested in the truck to $1,300 including the purchase price.

You’ll notice an old camper top on the Nissan that I picked up for $50. A few months later I sold it for $100!

Also you’ll see a set of steel wheels from a late 90s Toyota PreRunner that I picked up for free about an hour away. Some idiot just decided to give these wheels and tires away because he wanted some of those 20” ugly rims with the thin tires. What a moron.

Total Pick: $350
Invested: $1000
Value: $1800 to $2000


  1. Donnie, you have the best luck with your junk. I honestly don't know how you do it.

  2. That Donnie could take someone's house right from them for a few hundered bucks and then turn around and rent it to them for $1000/month.