Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Check these bad boys out. Double. Decker. Oreos. Best of both worlds. Chocolate AND vanilla. Ebony and Ivory will live together in perfect harmony in my stomach. I was so excited when I first heard this news that I honestly almost threw up.

I haven't tried these yet but I have been looking for them on my bi-weekly trip to the store. No luck yet but stay tuned because once I find these there will immediately be an in-depth review on here. Maybe I'll dunk them in both white and chocolate milks. It will be like the Duality of man.

Some of the articles I've read about these say that they will contribute to the obesity epidemic in America blah blah blah. Well I for one don't listen to communists. What makes America so great is that we are free to stuff our faces with whatever we please. If I die a year or two sooner since I was able to indulge in such great treats as Triple Double Oreos then that's okay because I died a free, happy, American.

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