Friday, May 6, 2011

Rook Tournament with Norm

Wednesday came quicker than a whistle from a policeman directing traffic at a local elementary school. Before I knew it my flight was leaving Portland and heading to the New York City. In the past I've flown through the Big Apple but never gotten off. That would be foolish for me fly there since it's not that bad of a drive. It was a short flight but I did get Ultra Lite. Cost me $7 but it was a much needed wake up call. Earlier my alarm clock barely woke me up 45 minutes after my original wake up time. Guess the excitement was getting to me.

Made it to the New York City LaGuardia and waited on Floyd so we could catch the next flight to Myrtle Beach. Since the flight times changed and I had a longer lay over he met me earlier so we could plan our major weekend. Luckily they had a bar in the airport so we met at the Jet Rock Bar & Grill. Those guys had every beer on tap! We had a stunning waitress and she never let my drink empty. Think her name was Jessica. Beautiful blonde. She wouldn't let me take her picture though. Anyways, Floyd and I probably had a few too many drinks. It was good to catch up. That fool knows how to drink.

[If anyone knows why the Duelboard is banned at LaGuardia please comment below. I kept getting a banned message whenever I would log on from my laptop. It cost me $15 to use the internet and then LaGuardia customer service wouldn't refund me my money.]

Not sure how we made it to our gate on time but we did. Somehow I even managed to sit in the correct seat on the airplane. Floyd was two rows in front of me. Not sure if it was because he stunk so bad like a drunk or if it was him constantly turning around to yell at me that made everyone so mad. Finally, I went nearer to him and sat on the floor. The plane waitress kept telling me to move but stubborn me sat indian style next to Floyd. If I were to move he probably would have started yelling again. At least that's how I remember it. Next thing I know I'm laying on my stomach with some twist ties around my wrists. Some guy dressed in a ball cap and t-shirt wouldn't take his knee out of my back.

Myrtle Beach holding cell wasn't too trashy. Some guy named Tanner was in for public indecency. Floyd and I were booked for Public Intoxication. Bail on each of us was set at $550.

With our return flight tickets revoked, Floyd and I decided to hit the road for the long drive since he had to be back in New York. Much thanks goes to Longbay Resort for letting us out of our rooms on such short notice. Bruce, if you ever read this. Thanks for your hospitality.

Jet Rock Bar is where Floyd and I tried roughly 1/3 of their beers on tap. They have 48!!
Caught this TSA Officer working hard!
Had to stand up on a chair to get this shot of all the people.

Took this picture on the way out of South Carolina. This is for all my Duelboard buddies I missed.


  1. I wish I could have joined in on the fun. Last time I went through the airport was in San Antonio and I failed the full body x-ray thing. I got a full rub down from Julio and all he found was a quarter in my pocket. $20,000 machine and they can't tell a small round disk in my pocket is a quarter? I think Julio was just having some fun.

  2. Well, I have to say, sounds like you boys had a great some odd reason, I can see you all doing u got out of jail in time for work