Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Commenting with Norm and Floyd

It has come to our immediate attention that a fellow blogger has recently turned on comment moderation to her blog. Since adding comment moderation we have noticed that our comments are going unnoticed. This hurts our feelings deeply because we are her only true faithful followers of her blog. As a result of this we have decided to take immediate action so that others may comment freely on her blog, like in the good ole days. Floyd and I have decided to post our unpublished comments here.

The blog is: http://keecreative.blogspot.com/2011/06/weekend-update-yard-work-garage-sales.html#comment-form

Norm's Comment:
What do you mean you "hit up...garage sales...and thrift stores"? Did you steal items from these people? Or did you literally hit these places and people as you were walking in and around the store? I suppose a "point of desperation" calls for extreme measures.

Did you pay the mexican a cheap labor fee to come make authentic fiesta decorations? That's the only way I'd be unworried that "they're looking good".

Floyd's Comment:
Good morning Mrs. Kee. First of all, I have to say that those bedside tables are bland and uninspired. Secondly, you always make fun of other people for being "tacky" in your opinion yet you bought AND displayed the tackiest elephant figurines I've ever seen. You could easily find those in any old ladies room in a nursing home. Good choice.

Also, you do realize there are child labor laws that prohibit using your young son to do all of your yard work in this terrible summer heat while you stand around and take pictures of him like he is some lowly slave hand. Peace out.

We want nothing we do to go unnoticed.

Also, anyone else who's comments are "moderated" feel free to post them here along with the link of the blog post you commented on.

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  1. Good job Norm. Nothing is more rude than moderated comments.