Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog Commenting with Norm and Floyd

Once again our friend at Kee Creative has moderated our comments on her blog. So that our dedicated readers won't miss anything we will continue to post our comments that are being moderated. Boo comment moderating.

Norm wrote, "Thanks for posting pictures of your home. We'd love to see more."

Floyd wrote, "Once again you need to remove the boulder from your own eye before you remove a speck of dust from another's. How many times do we have to go over this?! You really don't know the details of why these houses look the way they do AND you don't need to judge if something looks tacky based on your own pre-conceived notions (which are most likely also tacky). This house could have easily belonged to a poor old man that died and his family had to sell the home in order to pay for the funeral and they didn't have time to clear it out. Look what you did now, you just made fun of a poor dead old man and his grieving family. Happy? Also, what the heck is wrong with having a bike in your home? What if they lived in a bad neighborhood and didn't want anyone to steal it? INSANE. Strike three, you're OUT!"

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