Friday, May 18, 2012

Trash Talk With Donnie - The Free Truck

I hope our loyal readers haven't missed my little area of the blog since I haven't done one in a while. I decided to share the story on my basically free dump truck.

How many people can say they turned a 4 wheeler into a dump truck? A number of years ago I was given this old wore out 4 wheeler. Its about a 85 model yamaha moto4 2wd. It never needed a penny!  All it took was a carb adjusting every couple of months. Well it got to where I weren't using it anymore, so last summer I decided to try out my bartering skills on the craigslist.

A guy offered me a 1971 ford pickup, that ran and had a clean title, for a straight up trade. I snatched that deal up in a hurry. I put a carb on it that I had laying around and drove it for a few months. The trans slipped some, so instead of spending the money on a trans rebuild I sold it. Got $900 for the old gal and turned around and picked up the International dump truck for $700 the same day.

It came with a fully operational 8 yard bed, a freshly rebuilt 345 and 4 speed trans. All it needed was a new $125 battery and she was on the road and ready to go. Top speed is only about 45, but that's about all you'll be ables to handle with the bouncy steering. If you need any hauling in my neck of the woods, let me know!

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