Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rocking Rookers 2.0!!!!!

GOOOOOOD MOOOOORNING VIETNAAAAM!!!!! I am super excited this morning because yesterday I started my very own facebook group. Whats it a group for you ask? Why, ROOK of course! I just got sick and tired of the negative energy that has been surrounding duelboard and Rocking Rookers lately (I won't say any names). After talking with some other rook lovers out there, they encouraged me to start my own group where positivity and open-mindedness is paramount.

Here is the link to the Facebook Group that was voted "Best New Group of 2012": Rocking Rookers 2.0
Anybody and everybody is welcome to join so please, come join the party!

In other news, this blog is about to get a crazy amount of new daily content so be prepared.

Also, Norm, if you are reading this, good luck on the Ron Paul campaign trail!

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