Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome Back Floyd!

Thanks Floyd, its good to be back. I apologize to all the loyal readers for me being gone so long. Its been a rough fall. First I had to up and move to Montana then online rook went to pay only then my mom died. Bummer after bummer after bummer. Trying to keep my head up though. Before she died, my mom told me to follow my dream of having an actual successful horse ranch/emporium for handicapped children and elderly.

I've been so busy trying to acquire horses and animals that I haven't been able to do much else. Not having anything but a small shed on my property, I had to make due by making it into a small barn with enough room (barely) for one horse. I've also acquired three new horses, Sweet Bun, Benedict, and Fruity Pebbles. In the past week though, Sweet Bun was either stolen or ran away. Its okay though, trying to keep my head high. I've got plenty to be thankful for, three healthy horses, beautiful land, and since my mom passed, my ex-wife and I have been on speaking terms again. 2012, Floyd is ready for you.

Below is a pic of my barn, the first of many phases at the "Eleanor Brewer Memorial Handicapped Horse Emporium."

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